How to Maintain A Healthy Relationship With A Trans Man

transgender manEvery trans man is different. In fact, no two trans men are the same. Like everybody else, trans men come from various backgrounds as well as sexual orientations that might’ve changed at some point in time. Trans men also have needs socially, romantically, and sexually that could be different from the needs of other men you have a date. Therefore before you get very serious and want to know the ways to maintain a healthy relationship with a trans guy, there are several things that you must know and these include the following:

  • Your identity could be affected by how individuals perceive you and your relationship with a trans man. Others might even presume that you are gay while some would think that you are straight. Your family might make assumptions when it comes to your sexual orientation due to the gender identity of your partner. It is unfair and might be untrue, yet you need to learn the ways to handle intolerance.
  • You have to know that transitioning is traumatic in many ways. Most trans people lose support and contact from their families after revealing their real selves to the world. While trans men don’t experience violence as trans women, understand that transition is also dangerous. Trans men may face societal masculinity pressures and fight to be real men. Most even face violence as teens and kids outside and inside their homes. If your partner experienced trauma throughout the process of transitioning, you should show your support while he is recovering. Take note that the stress associated with transitioning affects individuals in various ways, yet a recent study revealed that forty-six percent of trans men attempt suicide.
  • Know if he is ready to level up intimacy. When you are dating a trans man, it is essential to determine what might or might not cause them to be dysphoric.
  • The language for every body part is different for every trans person. You should be open to how he uses his body. You should also be respectful. He might like to be touched in a particular way. Particular endearment terms might validate trans man’s gender identity. You should be compassionate and always help him achieve confidence.
  • He could have surgery while you are together. Although you accepted his body, it does not mean that he does. If your partner decided to make some changes, take note that it is a choice and you must support him. Even if you are dating, take not that anybody may discover new things about gender identity. There are trans men who fluctuate between gender-neutral pronouns and masculine. You should go with it and you must respect him.
  • You might find what makes trans men comfortable through their presentation and body language. Most trans men accredit feeling confident in masculinity through hormone therapy. He might decide to look like a queer or a boy or both. There are times that he might not shift.

All in all, trans men require love, compassion, and support. If you want to keep a healthy relationship, respect, acceptance, and understanding are the key.

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